Thursday, October 30, 2003

Divine Appointments

Providence had it's annual "Day of Prayer" on Wednesday -- it's a tradition at Prov to spend a day in worship & prayer before the beginning of the Missions Conference. After an awesome worship & prayer time, the president of Prov spoke briefly before we celebrated the Lord's Supper, using the liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer.

The Prez made an interesting comment: "In a school, in a society, and in a world consumed with the tyranny of the urgent, sometimes we need to refuse the urgent, and choose the important." In this context, the "urgent" was all the homework that students needed to be doing, but the obvious "important" was setting aside a day to pray, worship, and seek God.

My parents were in town for a couple of days (my dad came along to the Day of Prayer and absolutely loved it) -- they're heading out to Vancouver to celebrate the dedication of a new L'Abri school opening in 2004, which is the culmination of a vision that my parents & some of their closest friends have had for almost six years.

On Thursday morning, my lovely wife was surfing the Internet, looking at different YWAM websites -- odd behaviour for someone who had not yet had her requisite cup of coffee. After dropping my parents off at the airport, I went to Prov's library, intent on doing some of the afore-mentioned homework, but I ended up spending the whole morning reading books on YWAM instead. Then, realizing that the cafeteria was about to close it's doors (and since I was not fasting), I ran for the door, and almost knocked over the international president of YWAM, who was speaking that afternoon (I didn't even know anyone from YWAM was at Prov). We had lunch together.

Not five minutes after leaving the caf, I was talking to the guy videotaping the next session in the chapel, and it turns out that he became a Christian at L'Abri in Switzerland, and worked there with Francis Schaeffer for a decade, and then worked as a missionary at YWAM for another decade.

Holy divine appointments, Batman! What does it all mean?

It means that when you choose the "important" over the "urgent", strange God-oriented stuff starts to happen! Gotta love it.

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