Monday, March 1, 2004

Lent: I've Got An Idea...

One of the points of giving up something for Lent is to focus ourselves more on Jesus, and thereby, to nourish our souls towards more Christ-likeness. Wendy has our whole family entering the Vegetarian Matrix for Lent this year, but I think I'm going to add another element for myself:

I'm going to fast from blog-surfing. Not all blogs, just the more negative ones -- which unfortunately seem to be a growing majority.

Next Wave e-zine often re-posts entries from various blogsites (Ie. they republished my entry on Springsteen & prayer from a few weeks ago), and I found this gem there today, from Jason Evans (the post is from Feb. 24: "Beware, I'm ranting again..." -- this is only an excerpt):
"I long to hear stories of wonder and joy, of passion and love, of falling down and being picked back up. But please no more of the continual unhappy banter that seems to always be taking place... But we need to move forward in faith. Find some joy in finding our way into God's Story. I'm just getting tired of all the complaining... It's time to engage, to reconstruct, to believe and profess something holistically, to live abundantly."
Great words, Jason. You've hit my nail on the head.

P.S. For those fellow bloggers who visit this site, and wonder if I meant you, just assume I was talking about somebody else, and you'll be correct. I look forward to spending time with many of you in the New Jerusalem, because you've encouraged me in this present darkness already.