Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Apology & Update

...to those who have been visiting my blog, hoping to get an update on what's happening with my health, and noticing that I haven't updated for what seems like forever! (Thanks, Sue & Harv Peters, for phoning to check on me and chastise my blogging habits!)

The tests on October 27 went well (meaning they didn't stop me half-way through and set off alarms of some kind) but I won't have the results until November 18. Which I interpret to mean that I'm not on death's door just yet. My mother gave me some great tips on dealing with hypoglycemia, which was the initial diagnosis until some later tests shows "something we'd like to check on...". 

My mom has hypoglycemia as well, and I've been treating myself as if that is indeed what I have, and I seem to be fairly healthy since then. The tests will either prove that initial diagnosis, or they'll show if there's something else wrong and we'll go from there. I'm still on beta-blockers to slow my heart rate down, blood-thinners, and I'm still carrying around the nitroglycerin until they tell me to stop (thankfully, there's been no need to use it!).

In the meantime, I'm doing life as normal, except that I've been off coffee since mid-October and have had one (1) beer during that interim (suffering, yes). I've been to Ottawa, London, and Toronto on speaking engagements, and I'm teaching next week on "Postmodernism & the Emerging Church" at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, before heading to Peterborough for the following weekend to speak there.

So, keeping busy with my new job, trying to stay healthy in my diet and sleep habits, and waiting on test results in a few weeks. And, yes, if you look below this entry, you'll find a new post -- I'm back on the blogging wagon!

Thanks, everyone, for your concern and prayers.


Tests came back negative. That means the situation -- while real -- is stress-related but not genetic. (Still have to be careful.)

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