Thursday, January 20, 2005

Primary Sources?

I'm knee-deep in researching historical documents on Pentecostalism, the charismatic renewal, the Wesleyan Holiness movement (from which a lot of the early theology of the Pentecostals came), the "Latter Rain" movement, and the Shepherding movement (where a lot of the teaching on "covering" and "being under authority" originated).

All this as background to writing some extensive stuff on what being "post-charismatic" might entail in our present era.

Here's my dilemma: now, I'm the one looking for good "Primary Sources" for all these things! 

Primary Sources are works written by the people who actually taught particular doctrines or were/are part of these groups -- there's no shortage of websites denouncing certain teachings or groups, but they also tend to denounce just about everybody short of Jesus Himself, so I can't trust their input because they don't have credibility.

Conversely, for example, even some of the pro-Latter Rain sites are highly suspect -- one in particular lists links to the Vineyard and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as supporters of Latter Rain!
So, end of mini-rant. Can anyone help me with links to credible sites? I'm also looking for recommendations of good historical books on the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, the Latter Rain movement, and the Shepherding Movement (not that I'm lumping these groups together). 

I've already got some books on the history of the Apostolic Churches of Pentecost (a denomination that started in Winnipeg but is now worldwide; originally it was "Jesus-only" but moved to a Trinitarian view within the last 15 years), and also the Vineyard movement.

Thanks in advance! As Brother Maynard mentioned in a recent comment, it's a lot of time-consuming work to properly research a large topic, but I'm really wanting to do my homework before I take a stab at talking about issues surrounding the growing number of people who could be described as "post-charismatic".

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