Saturday, February 26, 2005


I've recently started researching the historical and theological backgrounds on the Pentecostal/Charismatic/Third Wave movements. My inspiration was the question:
"How would people that I know -- once happily part of these movements, but now describing themselves as "post-charismatic" -- see their charismatic roots being played out in a postmodern world?"

"Post-charismatic" is a phrase I've started playing with to describe a growing number of people from these camps. It would perhaps better be labelled "post-HYPE" -- it is definitely NOT my intent to write anything that would be NON-charismatic or ANTI-charismatic. A recent post (Room For Giftedness) basically addresses the beginning of the journey on being post-hype but still pursuing a supernatural God who works supernaturally in the midst of a mystical community called "The Body".

I've ordered some of the books that people have been recommending (it sure would be a whole lot easier if we all lived closer geographically and I could just borrow the books!), because I don't want to deal simply with the current issues that I hear about (Ie. the issues of "covering", "being under authority", etc.) without properly delving into the history and theology that gave rise to these practices.

It's already proving to be a fascinating study, and the more I dig into the historical & theological roots, the more I find myself saying "oh, now I see where that came from and why people accepted/put up with it".

I'll be posting my findings as I continue, but it will be a few weeks yet before the first instalment. And as a disclaimer, let me be clear that I'm writing as a sympathetic insider. My goal is to examine the roots and fruit in order to see the wheat separated from the chaff, for the good of the Kingdom and the sake of the world (to paraphrase Todd Hunter).

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