Monday, May 9, 2005

Another Faith Step -- Together

Last Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary, as I mentioned earlier. Wendy & I were unable to go out on the actual day of our anniversary (although I did bring her roses!), but we had the chance to go out last Saturday evening instead.

During our relaxing and fun time together, at one point we stopped by Mountain Brow Park in Hamilton, and looked out over the view of downtown Hamilton and the factories in the distance.

Wow, how terribly romantic, you're thinking. Wait, it gets better.

Back in August 1984, at the advanced age of 19, Wendy flew out to Ontario from her home in the Interlake of Manitoba. We hadn't seen each other all summer, so I couldn't wait to be with her again, but another significant part of her trip to visit me was that she was meeting my parents for the first time.

The good news is that both of my parents immediately connected with Wendy, and Wendy had a lot of fun getting to know them as well.

During that all-too-short week, Wendy & I ended up relaxing together at Mountain Brow Park, on Hamilton's Mountain (not really a mountain; it's part of the Niagara Escarpment). While we were there, talking about our deepening relationship and our future together, at one point I gestured to the sprawling downtown of Hamilton, and told Wendy that, although our relationship was obviously growing, I knew that I was called to youth ministry.

"If you were to marry me," I said, "you might end up living in a place like this", as I pointed to the downtown area.

Wendy looked at it for only a moment before replying, "If that's where God wants us, then that's where we'll go."

We were married a few months later, and when Jo was born four years later, we were living in downtown Hamilton, right below the spot in the park we'd been at in 1984!

If you think God doesn't have a sense of humour, guess again!

It seemed kinda fitting, on a night when we were celebrating our 20th anniversary, and with another faith-step chapter ahead of us again, to remind ourselves of our commitment with each other, years ago, to do whatever God seemed to be calling us to, regardless of the cost.

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