Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Attention: Dan-D from Canada!!

You've mentioned a couple of times that you'd like to grab a coffee/brew when I'm in Winnipeg...

Brother Maynard and I are inviting you -- and any others within driving distance of downtown Winnipeg -- to join us (and others) for a "theology pub night" this Friday, August 12, 8:00 PM at the theological pub shrine called "The King's Head" -- 120 King Street.

Reasons you don't want to miss this:
  1. Enjoy the finest brews (especially Guinness) at one of Winnipeg's finest pubs.
  2. Enjoy theological musings and general ecclesiastical mayhem with Brother Maynard, Robbymac, Jamie Arpin-Ricci (of Emergent Voyageurs notoriety), among others whom Brother Maynard knows and I'm about to meet.
  3. Discover Brother Maynard's secret identity!! Of course, you must be sworn to secrecy later. Consider it an initiation rite or something.
  4. We're always interested in meeting new people.
Hope to see you there. And any others who are drawn to set their hearts on pilgrimage and join us this Friday, feel free to stop by. We'll be the theological freaks; easy to spot.