Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What to Make of This?

Someone sent me a link [now defunct] to De-Institutionalized Christians. It's about reaching out to de-churched Christians, so that your own ministry could be increased. Part of the reasoning for trying to re-connect with de-churched Christians, according to this website, is:
  1. "Would it make more sense to first become the kind of church that is highly effective in reaching the Dechurched?
  2. "What we can learn from the Dechurched, may be more important than what they can learn from us.
  3. "Collaboration, rather than assimilation, may be a more appropriate goal to set with regard to the Dechurched.
  4. "This collaboration, done right, could produce the most transformational impact on your ministry and your community of any program presently in place."

The discussion list has had some great discussion on "church marketing" recently, which is one of the reasons that this website -- a part of C. Peter Wagner's "New Apostolic Network" -- has me uneasy. Check this out (from the same linked page above):
"With a little openness and creativity put into it, what could an intelligent 'withreach' strategy that effectively connected with them mean to your church, and in turn, what impact it could have on your city?
"I have more ideas on this, some practical steps and strategies, and maybe even a synergistic marketing strategy that would reach them...
"I've included an additional article on the Dechurched below (brace yourself, you may not agree with them but it's important to understand the Dechurched perspective):
"Detoxing From Church, by Robby McAlpine."
And that's the second reason why I'm uneasy -- they're using something I wrote to market their ministry. Although I had to smile when they told people to "brace themselves" before reading it. :)