Thursday, February 2, 2006

Recycled Dreams?

In the comments to the Dreams post, Brother Maynard wrote an eloquent and heartfelt comment that said, in part:

"Dusty dreams, reminding him of a recurring prophetic vision... a vision he used to share publicly, a vision of gifts, callings, and dreams that went unfulfilled.
"He remembered the feeling of calling people forward to respond to this vision, of praying for person after person after person, that God would restore these dreams, dust them off, fulfill them. That these forgotten gifts would resurface, how God hadn't changed his mind, that the gift remains.
"He recalls how encouraged people were, how touched, and how these prayers sparked new life back into the lives of a number of folk who'd simply grown weary.
"Was that all a dream? he muses. Was it real? Have I become one of those people? Who knows..."
Brother Maynard asks a crucial question: Were those of us who prayed life back into people whose dreams had died or become dormant -- and I remember praying for people about these very things -- wrong to have prayed that way? Were we simply unable to recognize that dreams die and that's just the way it is? And now do we just understand things better, because we've hit the same wall ourselves?

Or, as Bro. Maynard wonders, have some of us become those people who need others to pray for us, that God would restore gifts, callings, and vision?

 If people want to pray that way for us, will we let them? Or will we shy away, and if so -- why?