Friday, March 10, 2006

Cover Story: Post-Charismatic?

Charlie Wear, editor of the Next-Wave e-zine, invited me to submit an article for an upcoming issue of the e-zine. A former Vineyard pastor, Charlie was very interested in hearing my thoughts on the growing number of people who would self-identify as post-charismatic.

I had already been published a few times previously with Next-Wave, so I was looking forward to writing another article on a topic that had so consumed my thinking that I had just posted a huge, sprawling book-length screed as a subsection of my blog.

Little did I know that Charlie would end up featuring my article as the cover story of the newest edition of Next-Wave.

Update (summer 2006)

When I first wrote Post-Charismatic?, there was zero interest from any Christian publishers, so I decided to make it available online as part of this blog. In a strange turn of events, in the midst of my Crossroads DTS outreach, a publisher in the United Kingdom contacted me to inquire about publishing my website as a book.

God has a sense of humour. I've always known that; this is just more evidence.

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