Friday, March 31, 2006

Early DTS

The first couple of weeks in YWAM have been extremely busy, but really exciting for us as a family. Our schedule is absolutely NUTS -- YWAM is full-time, and I'm still working at St. Arbucks about 25-30 hours a week, plus all the kids' extra-curricular pursuits (think: "Dad's Taxi"), and you probably get the idea...

A few quick things about our YWAM base:
  1. I absolutely love how incredibly international and multicultural our base is, from staff to students. There's about 70 people at the base, and over a dozen languages. This week, the DTS that Wendy & I are a part of (second floor) joined with the Korean DTS (main floor) for our lectures, and it was cool to be part of an English/Korean (via an interpreter) week of classes.
  2. Praying with Koreans is a blast. When they say, "let's all pray", they all do -- at the same time. Loudly. Our own DTS class is smaller, about fifteen people, but six language groups: English, Korean, Swiss, German, Dutch, and Japanese. So, prayer times are wonderfully international and multi-cultural as well.
  3. The only weird thing so far was our school leader's infamous temper tantrum when he couldn't get everyone doing jumping jacks during class. He went off on a tirade about "when a leader gives you an order, it's the same as God giving you an order". (Classic Shepherding Movement mentality, which was ironic considering I  published the Post-Charismatic project on this blog just last month!)
I spoke with our Western Canada director about it, and he assured me that YWAM Canada rejects the Shepherding Movement's spiritually abusive teachings, so we aren't losing sleep over what was probably a one-off event.

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