Sunday, March 19, 2006

Road to YWAM: The Sequel

My first ever exposure to YWAM came about when I was still a kid. My father's roomie while at the University of Toronto was Earl Pitts, who for many years was the director of YWAM Canada. Earl was also at the Performing Arts base that Wendy & I connected with in the late 80's.

Our daughter Jo loved going there as a one-year-old because, unlike church, she could toddle up to the band and dance her little feet off, or at least until her diaper caused her to overbalance.
Wendy & I have had various copies of the "Go Manual" (directory of YWAM ministries and training bases) over the years, and we've often looked through them, wondering when & where we would be involved.
When I was given the left foot of disfellowship from my denominational job last March, Wendy and I both had a very strong sense that, after over sixteen years, the time to join YWAM "officially" was now. So, after much prayer, we felt that we should move 2300 miles west to BC, and we arrived here last August, taking jobs wherever we could (St. Arbucks for me) to pay the bills until our DTS (Discipleship Training School) starts. Tomorrow.

So now we're back in the familiar territory of living by faith and praying for finances to come in. And we're really excited that the YWAM dream is finally starting to unfold for us; we've always been kinda nomadic and occasionally even risk-takers, so we're eager to see what God is going to have for us through this next transitional season at YWAM.

Stay tuned...

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