Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Plot Thickens...

I handed in my "two weeks' notice" to my manager at St. Arbucks yesterday.

"What the Harry Reimer?" you're probably saying to yourself. "No more latte and cappuccino comments? No more banal comparisons to Tim Horton's? First Red Green goes off the air, and now Robby's quitting St. Arbucks?"

Well, jes' calm down thar, pardner, and lemme learn ya the story...

It may come as a shock to some that being fulltime at YWAM and three-quarter-time at St. Arbucks is somewhat less than ideal for a husband and father of three. Spending 70+ hours per week -- not counting YWAM homework -- and trying to keep our family somewhat connected to normalcy (as we define it) may sound like a dream to some (workaholics in need of repentence), but was beginning to wear on yours truly.

Wendy & I were discussing whether or not I should continue working at St. Arbucks last Thursday, and Wendy said, "If you think God wants you to quit, I'll support you in that decision."

Friday last week included a communion celebration at YWAM, and during the prayer time afterwards, Paul Martinson (Western Director for YWAM Canada) prophesied over me that while I had a reputation for living "on the edge", that perhaps God was calling me ever further out on that edge.

"Hmm," I thought to myself.

So I wrote out a brief note for my manager and left it on her desk after my shift ended on Sunday. This afternoon (Monday), we received an envelope in the mail from a pastoral friend whom we had not heard from in some time. There was no note in the envelope. No quick message. No handwritten or typed greeting.

Just a cheque. Out of "nowhere".

Way cool. The adventure of being "on the edge" just got more interesting!