Monday, June 5, 2006


Ever since writing the Post-Charismatic project on this website, I've been thinking from time to time that we should really come up with a term that better describes what post-charismatic people are positively moving towards.

In the interim, I've been saying "post-charismatic, but not post-Spirit" to differentiate myself from those former charismatics who have simply ditched anything even remotely charismatic. While I've been generally content to use the "but not post-Spirit" phrase, I still wanted something more pithy, more forward-focussed.

It's important, as people work through various issues of Detoxing from Church, that we not get stuck on defining ourselves based on where we've already been (and are leaving/deconstructing) -- hence my desire to find a better phrase than POST-charismatic. It says where we're coming from, but not where we're going TO in a healthier re-construction of what it means to be Christ's apprentices in the advancing Kingdom.

Emerging Grace may have just come up with the phrase I've been looking for, in a recent post entitled Missional Schmissional.

The phrase?


Grace defines charismissional as "Spirit-led missional living".

Wow. I think I may have found my new phrase!

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