Monday, September 11, 2006

Diving In

Today, Wendy and I joined
Youth With A Mission as full-time staff.

Our journey has often crossed paths with YWAM over the years, and in the back of our minds, we've always known that in some way, some time, YWAM would be a bigger part of our story.

Our own DTS experience was... shall we say... tumultuous, but the leadership at YWAM Okanagan has removed the authoritarian leaders responsible. Wendy & I feel comfortable with joining this base at this time.

Wendy did the photography, and I did the web design for 
the 'splash page' for YWAM Okanagan's website

Did we just dive into the Niagara River?


  1. DOOOD! Bubba, hit me offline with details! Congrats and all, but I just told my good wife what you posted here and she said, "Tell him we want the details!" You know what we're asking...

  2. Congratulations!! how exciting for you both. May God continue to bless your journey.

  3. That's great. I have a lot of love and appreciation for those serving with YWAM. I was involved with YWAM Honolulu for a couple of years, which is where I met my wife (Y.W.A.M stands for "Young Women After Men" for those who didn't know).

    God's had us involved in the local church full-time for about a decade now, but I still haven't ever been involved with another community that was so focused on mission.

  4. I am so glad to hear this. You guys are bringing a much needed wisdom and passion into YWAM, especially where you are at. Way to go!

    As for YWAM names, as John S. got us started:

    Young Wolves After Maidens
    Youth Without Any Money
    Youth Without A Mattress
    Youth With A Meeting

    And my all time fav...
    You Want A Monkey?


  5. Sheez, I've been out of YWAM too long. I haven't heard of those. Developing new acronyms must be part of the new DTS curriculum :-)

  6. Wow, a book publisher and YWAM. What a great season you are in!
    Right after college I was considering YWAM and at the very moment I was in prayer over it, I got a phone call from a friend in YWAM who wanted to tell me about her experience. It was wildly twilight zone like.
    So, I got as far as LA and never made it to Hawaii (I even spoke with Bob Fitts a couple times).
    Too much coincidence to imagine that YWAM is not in my future sometime. :-)