Thursday, October 5, 2006

Under the Influence

Of Hans-Petter Anderssen, that is!

Hans wrote a comment to the previous post that included the following:
"Don the kilt and let the bagpipes wail! At least give the critics what your ancestor William Wallace and his band did in the Braveheart backside battle scene. Hey that would make a good picture for your blog profile - Robbymac's other side."
It's not the first time Hans has had an influence/impact on this blog -- it was Hans who originally gave me the nickname "robbymac", back when we were both on pastoral staff at Eastgate Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Victoria BC.

So, in honour of Hans' ongoing creative influence in my life, for a limited time only, I have placed a more polite interpretation of Hans' suggestion here.

The tartan in the background, of course, is the Clan McAlpine's. Cuimhnich bas Ailpein!

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