Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Robby's 4 or 5 Theses

Has anyone else noticed that it's impossible to nail something to a blog?

Or even harder to nail something to a computer screen?

Has anyone learned this lesson through unfortunate and rueful happenstance?

I've never had much of a "commenting policy" here. Honestly, with the exception of the occasional troll shuffling by, it's never really been much of an issue. People here have generally been respectful, thoughtful, and I've always been grateful for that.

But, just for the record, here's a few "blogging theses" that I'd like to nail up for robbymac.org (these may sound eerily familiar to anyone who's ever been a part of any youth or young adult ministry I've been in):
  1. Nobody can be sent to hell for voicing their honest opinion.

    True, when in youth/young adult ministry, this meant that at times we had to patiently endure some questionable ideas as people worked out their salvation with fear and trembling
    (Philippians 2:12), but creating a "safe place" that was "safe" for everyone -- even those who belonged but did not yet believe -- was worth it. Same goes for this blog.

  2. We listened to you with respect, so (of course) you will listen to others with respect.

    Should be a no-brainer, but just so it's said: When iron sharpens iron, sparks sometimes fly
    (Proverbs 27:17). But there's a difference between spirited conversation and the typical troll-like behaviour of, well... trolls.

  3. Normally, in an "analog" situation involving youth and young adults, I'd say at this point: "One at a time, people, one at a time!" But blog visitors are so mature and respectful when it comes to taking turns, looking to the interests of others (Philippians 2:3-4), that it really isn't necessary here.

  4. No Squirrels!

    This related to a goofy & cheezy apocryphal story of a little boy who wanted to sound super-spiritual, a well-intentioned Sunday School teacher trying to get her class of kids to say "squirrel" but they thought the safest answer was "Jesus", because it was Sunday School, after all, but the joke was lame even when it was analog in the 1990's, which just shows how old I am, and the cheezy illustration is pretty much impossible to replicate digitally online, so maybe I'll just shut up and get to the point by saying:

    No plastic, super-spiritual-wanna-be, Sunday School-ish, Christianese-based, jargon-infested clap-trap. Please and thank-you.


  1. Hey!

    What about - no sitting on the fence? I do believe that was one of the rules. Everyone had to have an opinion.

    Although I seem to recall that there always were some people in the middle no matter how hard you tried to get an opinion out of them.

  2. well, i know it's a stretch for me, but i guess i'll try not to overly spirtualize anything.

    i'm really glad you don't have a rule about farting. i've been eating a lot of beans lately, and... well.. you know...

  3. Neil,

    Yes, of all people who comment here, you are definitely on who would be VERY familiar with those dynamics!

    Although getting people to state their opinion is less difficult on blogs, it seems. :)


    As long as you don't attempt to spiritualize farting, we should be okay. (Dare I assume that the "monster" in your moniker refers to your award-winning expertise in the art of flatulence?)

    Actually, on the topic of fart...


    This was once my mantra for youth leaders who worked with me. Neil probably remembers this one, too!

  4. Hey Robby,

    I remember those ideals, but I can't ever remember you putting them across in that specific acronym (sp?).

    Can you imagine trying to explain that to Heather..."Yea, so everyone just needs to remember the word F.A.R.T." LOL!!!

    On a side note, could everyone please pray for me between 9am and 12am tomorrow as I am writting my LAST exam towards my CGA and H. B.Comm.

    Thanks a lot.


  5. Neil,

    LOL! Yeah, Heather probably wouldn't have been the only one to react to that one. Some friends suggested I change it to "FRAT", but it was just too good to pass up (depending on the make-up of the team that I was sharing it with). I would usually say: "Hey guys, just a reminder that we all need to be little F.A.R.T.'s tonight..."

    Definitely will keep you in prayer tomorrow!

    P.S. Say hi to Heather for Wendy & I!

  6. HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAHAHahahaha...

  7. Hey, Neil...

    Any word on those tests?

    Inquiring minds would like to know!

  8. As one being relatively new to blogs, especially where there is emergence of new thoughts in the explosive world of religious discussions, I truly appreciate and am thankful for places such as this where people can exchange ideas in a respectful way. There are plenty of places out there for those into 'in your face' conversation.
    Thanks, Robby, for this great place!

  9. Hey Rob,

    I will get the results around the middle of January. For a CGA course that is a pretty quick turn-around time because it is one of my university courses. If it were an actual CGA course I would not get the results until January 30th.


  10. joanne - hopefully it won't get explosive here... that is unless someone pulls my finger!