Sunday, February 25, 2007

More on Post-Charismatic

This bouquet of flowers is offered with sincere condolences to those who apparently "lost their breakfast" over my recent metaphorical use of metallic containers and hermaphroditic lifeforms.

I recommend Tide.
The progress of publishing Post-Charismatic in book form is thus: I've been working hard at polishing and rewriting bits and pieces (where I felt things weren't clear or were awkwardly worded), and will be sending the finalized copy of this rewrite to Kingsway later this week. The Government of the UK, however, is holding things up a wee bit as they process a "double-taxation number" for me. So, we're getting closer, but governmental red tape in the tax departments of two countries is, well, governmental...

Prayer would be appreciated!

Secondly, Brother Maynard has posted some simply brilliant observations in his recent post Post-Charismatic Round-up: Who's In The Herd. Slide on over for a read, and tell 'em Robbymac sent ya.

Update: February 23

Thanks to whoever prayed. I received a letter today from the British government, and everything is a "go". I've just sent the latest version of the Post-Charismatic manuscript to Kingsway, and now the ball can really get rolling.

I'll keep y'all posted!