Wednesday, February 7, 2007

No Worms Please, We're Canadian

Cindy requested a "worm free" post, and to show that I am not completely obsessed with finding pictures of metal containers filled with earth-regurgitating hermaphroditic life-forms, here's an entry that is 100% worm-free.

I just spent the last week on a Frostbite Quest across the Canadian Prairies, along with an assortment of beloved crazies from YWAM bases in Victoria, Vancouver, Medicine Hat, and ending up camped out on Winnipeg's Furby Street (also known as "Homicide Alley") with Jamie Arpin-Ricci and the rest of the YWAM Winnipeg crew.

Along the way, I got the chance to drive through the beauty of the Canadian Rockies (always breath-taking), the suburban maze of Calgary, twelve straight hours of white-out conditions across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, before depositing everyone into the depth of a Winnipeg deep freeze: -50C (-58F) which lasted all week and continues even as I write.

Still, it was a great time with some new-found friends, and despite the (literally) killer cold, one observed major accident right beside us, then getting rammed from behind by another car, it was time well-invested. And to get a chance to enjoy some home-made verenika topped off with schmotefat, and served up with formaworst... mmm, mmm, mennonite cooking.

I also enjoyed about five hours discussing "missional leadership, perhaps" with Brother Maynard in another kind of traditional Winnipeg feast which included beer, just before getting on a plane to return to Kelowna, where the temperature is +3C (36F) -- a difference of only 53C.

So there you are, Cindy, a completely worm-free post -- although any worms that I may have encountered in my travels were most likely shivering shards of frost-bitten ex-lifeforms.