Thursday, April 5, 2007

Déja Vu All Over Again

We're mid-way through our first week of lectures for the Crossroads Discipleship Training School, and it's been awesome so far (last week's Orientation actually turned out to be a significant ministry time for several new students as well).
We're working our way through one of YWAM's most well-known teachings, The Father Heart of God, and it's humbling and encouraging to see the profound effect the teaching has on people from all over the world who have never been exposed to it before.

The school has barely begun, but we've already had some significant times of praying for some of the foreign students (actually, they're ALL from other countries than Canada). It feel like God is really using us. It feels like ministry. Like the Body is supposed to function.

Me like. A lot.

Speaking of "belonging before believing..."

One of our students arrived at our base last September to take the ESL school. She was so intrigued by the YWAM dynamic that she decided to stay on and attend our Crossroads DTS, and became a follower of Jesus last night! Party time at YWAM Okanagan, perhaps out-done only by the party around the Throne (Luke 15:10)!