Thursday, April 5, 2007


Eighteen years ago this very day, my world was dramatically and radically changed: my daughter Jo was born, and from the moment I first held her in my arms, I was hopelessly and deeply in love.

As she stumbled upstairs this morning, I gave her a quick hug and said to her, "Jo, eighteen years ago today, my world became a better place."

She hugged me back, looked up at me with her stunning blue eyes, and said, "I really gotta go pee, Dad..."

That's my girl.


  1. HAPPY B-DAY JO!!!


    Man you are getting old!!! :)


  2. This was so good that not only did I laugh out loud, but I also read it to my wife, Tara, who doesn't always understand my blogging gig, and she laughed out loud as well. She then said dryly, "I bet she really loved that her dad blogged that."

    Happy 18th, Jo.

  3. Happy Birthday Jo!

    18 years is such a short time, isn't it.

  4. Neil,

    So are you, buddy, so are you. Nyah....


    Well, she and her boyfriend came home after a birthday-dinner-date, and turned on the oven to heat up french fries or something...

    ...and didn't check to see that Jo's birthday cheesecake, which Wendy had spent a great deal of time perfecting, was still cooling...

    ...until the blue fog and smell of smoke alerted us to the reality that Jo's cheesecake had just become a charred cinder.

    So she can't really complain about the blog post. :)


    Yeah, 18 years sounds long but goes by like lightning, as I'm sure you're aware as well -- with four teenagers of your own!

    I wouldn't trade those years for anything.