Friday, May 11, 2007

Pre-Outreach Update

How long has it been since my last post? Have I really joined the ranks of absentee blog-writers?

Bad blogger! Negligent blogger!

I have a few (hopefully justifiable) reasons for why my busy-ness has resulted in a scarcity of new blog posts... 

at left: potential cover artwork for Post-Charismatic

YWAM Discipleship Training School

We're having an incredible time with our Crossroads DTS. I mentioned earlier that two students became followers of Jesus in the first couple of weeks, and in the time since, we've also seen some significant healing in peoples' lives in terms of past hurts and even marital tensions. We're halfway through the lecture phase, and the outreach is being planned to take place in Australia & Western Samoa. (Wendy & I will be staying in Canada to mind the YWAM base this summer, while everybody else is gone on outreach.)

The Tyranny of Book Reviews

I have requested my removal from the list of "50 select bloggers" doing book reviews on selected titles sent to us (me). I was honored to be invited to participate, but it was becoming increasingly awkward considering my usual "code of conduct" re: online book reviews.

Specifically (to avoid spurious speculations), I like to choose which books I review for this blog. When I get books delivered sight unseen, and I am obligated to publish a review about them, it gets awkward. My personal code of conduct has been that I simply don't publish negative reviews. There's far too much negativity in greater blogdom already.

Also, in the past, I have turned down offers of free books (for the price of a review), because I knew what the author(s) stood for and I didn't want to be a platform for their agenda.

And -- full disclosure -- I've recently been feeling convicted that I agreed to do the book-club reviews partly because of pride. Not only because of pride, but I've been realizing more and more that it was a contributing factor. I was flattered by the idea of being part of a "select group" of bloggers. Dang... spiritual growth can be humbling!

Desired Use of Available Time

I want to invest my "free time" in this busy season with reading books and listening to  teaching CD's on the Kingdom of God, as Jesus and His first-century hearers would have understood it. I'd like to revisit the whole foundation of the Kingdom of God as the logical follow-up to Post-Charismatic. (That's assuming that I will write another book in the future. The jury is still out on that one.)

Speaking of the Publishing Journey...

Post-Charismatic has gone through the first edit completely, and is now in the hands of one of the senior editors. Believe it or not, while I may be chomping at the bit to see it published, my book is not the only one Kingsway Communications has on its plate, and these things just take time.

at left: alternate cover artwork. It's the publisher's decision...

I've also discovered that contacting people to ask them to read the book, and write an endorsement for it, is a very awkward thing to do.

Not unexpectedly, some have declined for various reasons. One merely saw the title and flat-out refused to even look at the manuscript. Others have been gracious and encouraging in their responses.

In the end, only Todd Hunter (former National Director of Vineyard USA) agreed to write an endorsement for the book.

That leaves me feeling encouraged and humbled all at the same time, which -- again -- is good for my soul.