Monday, September 24, 2007

And They're Off!

Our Fall DTS (Discipleship Training School) began with a bang today; Wendy & I are the DTS Directors this fall, which is fun and a whole lotta work.

Our students come from Canada, South Korea, Fiji, Germany, and Switzerland. The staff are an even split between Canadian and Fijian. The students range in age from 19-24 -- great bunch of people, and Wendy & I are really looking forward to working with them for the next five months.

This will also hopefully explain the scarce amount of blog-posting these past few weeks. Once the school gets into its normal rhythm, things here should be as close to "normal" as this blog is capable of.


  1. Have a great DTS. We were blessed a few years ago by a Fijian woman, former YWAM-er, who helped me out as a part-time nanny for a season. She was awesome! I can only imagine how dynamic your team must be!

  2. Hey Rob, Lyn and I recently went to see Canada and Fiji play Rugby in the world cup! The Fijians will probably know more about this than the Canadians! It was quite close with the Canadians camped on the goal line in the final minute trying to get a try that would have given them the game - but Fiji broke away and sealed their win. I hope theres more harmony on the DTS :D

  3. Dear Rob and Wendy,
    greetings from germany and I just want to say that you will be great leaders for that DTS and I am so excited to hear and to read how it is going with your first DTS that you lead.
    Have a wonderful and blessed time and see you later .
    Big hugs and God bless your work.
    Your german friend Dana

  4. Maria,

    Between the widely divergent students AND staff, there's rarely a dull moment on our base!


    THAT GAME was the talk of the base for days afterwards. The Fijians were gracious about beating us Canucks, saying it was one of the closest and best-played games they'd seen in a while.


    The whole base has voted: We want you back in Canada.

    Book your flight immediately, my friend! :)

  5. Blessings, and have a great DTS!
    Postings like this one are very tempting to start arguing with God again on our calling for the next few years!


  6. Oh how I do agree with the statement of Nico-Dirk my dear hubby!!!

    Hey: have lots'a freakin' fun

    love from me too,