Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crossroads DTS 2006

Wendy and I did our DTS ("Discipleship Training School") at the same base we later were staff at (until the infamous incident with a local self-proclaimed "apostle", but that's another story).

YWAM Okanagan was the location for a "Crossroads DTS" (family-friendy) for a diverse collection of adult students hailing from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, America (the Virgin Islands & Alaska), and Canada (Wendy & I).

The team of students became a tight-knit community of friends and co-labourers, and one of the fascinating things about this group of people was that -- just a generation or so earlier -- our respective countries had been at war with each other. And yet here we were, bonding together as we each experienced our DTS together.

Sample from my weekly DTS journal: my handwriting sucks big time,
so I used photoshop and some creativity to make it legible)

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