Monday, August 11, 2008


I've been notified (as have several other of my nefarious blogging kin) that my site needs a disclaimer -- who knew?

I mean, like, is somebody trying to imply, you know, that there's something darkly disturbing about my blog, you know what I'm sayin'?

The blogger know as A Former Leader has posted a funny-yet-all-too-real post about the dangers of thinking outside the institutional box -- or at least, reading blogs that encourage thinking outside the institutional box. A Former Leader has suggested that I (and others) include the following disclaimer on my blog:
"Beware all who land on this site. This site may enable you to see truth for the first time. Seeing truth may be just what you are looking for but you need to be careful. Once you have tasted truth you will never be able to stomach lies. You are on dangerous ground if you ever want to fit into the established system. You may lose all your friends. You may not have anyone left to worship with. Your children may be left only to you to raise. God will not be controlled any longer. He will be good but no longer safe in that you will not be able to predict his every move. And as for many of your friends. You will need to be willing to loose them. They may (probably will) shun you, dismiss you and turn away from you despite what you now may think. You need to think long and hard about this because it will affect your life. Please be careful with this site. Only enter at your own risk. (Read the whole post)
All humour aside, I really resonate with the longing that Former Leader mentions about true community, honest worship, and in general, finding a place where you "fit". And honestly, I think less and less these days about "fit" meaning "a place" and more being about finding other "people of the Spark" in whatever setting I may be in.