Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update: Post-Charismatic

A quick update on the availability of Post-Charismatic in the United States:

David C Cook Publishing (USA) acknowledges that the book is well-researched and would be a helpful resource, but has declined to distribute the book in the United States, citing reservations from their sales department. Cook Canada had earlier indicated that it would have the book by last month, but a recent visit to their website shows that the book is still "on order", as it has been for some time.

It appears that the best way to get the book will continue to be through Amazon.ca in North America, and either Amazon.uk or Kingsway's 'Equipping The Church' in the UK.

My apologies to the many interested Americans who have been asking about when the book would finally be available in the USA. It appears that your best option at this point in time would be to order it from Canada.

Again, my apologies, but it's really out of my hands.