Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dinner with Sam & Ella

Y'know, as someone who did not ever experiment with drugs, you'd think I would have no working knowledge of what hallucinations were. However, as I continue to recover from a whopping bout of salmonella these past two days, I think I can now relate to what people mean by "a bad trip"...

You see, I don't dream. Not at all. Or at least, it's extremely rare. As an adolescent, nightmares that would often turn into sci-fi short stories, but as an adult, I've only dreamt after taking Nyquil, which usually resulted in waking up with the feeling that I need demonic deliverance. (It works great as far as symptom relief, but whatever they put in to make you sleep... DANG)

But after these past couple of days, I can attest to what a "bad trip" on hallucinogens must be like.
For the record, although I live in Mexico, the food that did me in was store-bought trail mix, which I purchased and ate in San Diego...
Sam and Ella will forever be unwelcome guests in my house.


  1. Robby, sorry that you are sick and hope you feel better. For the rest of us it is nice that you have time to blog between bouts! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Sean! And I really liked your two most recent posts contrasting the view of leadership espoused by the NAR with that of Henri Nouwen. GREAT choice.

    I remember reading Nouwen a lot when I was in seminary. He had a lot of good things to say about leadership "among" instead of "over".