Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Look, New Focus, New Season

The blog is retooling to reflect where we are currently at -- physically, spiritually, vocationally, and geographically.

We have been with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in a full-time capacity since 2006, although our connections to and involvement with YWAM goes back about 20 years. Ever since leading a DTS outreach team (almost two years ago) to YWAM San Diego/Baja's "one base, four locations" constellation of ministries, our journey has expanded to include moving here full-time. We are at the Tijuana Del Mar campus, which is the newest site for YWAM's University of the Nations.

We are loving México, living in Tijuana, the wonderful staff we are privileged to work with, the work that we are doing, and last but certainly not least, the incredible food.


  1. soooooo thankful!!! for your book, for your blog, and that you're back (I was freaking out that you took your site down for a while)

    - just a reader in California


    I've been thinking about you and praying for you for a bit now and just thought I'd try find your email to say hi on the internet way back machine but when I typed your name in up popped this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad your back! Looking forward to reading all about what God and you are doing in Mexico.

  3. reader in California,

    Thanks for the encouraging words! I apologize for causing a freak out. :)


    Good to hear from you! And thanks for the prayers -- we are always grateful to know people are praying for us.

  4. Am very glad you're back, bro. Look forward to hearing more and being challenged by what God is doing with you in Mexico.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Indeed good to see you back online.
    Looking forward to see and hear more from the whole family.

    Greetings from South Africa
    Chris and Tineke and the rest of the Baas-family

  6. Glad you're writing publicly again... God bless your family and the love you show the people of Tijuana.

    Dana Ames

  7. Glad you're back! You're book has been helping a number of people here in Tennessee.

  8. Robby--any idea how to get in ouch with the wonderful George Mercado?

    chris epting

  9. in *tough* - sorry!

  10. in *touch* ! (sorry once more!)

    anyway, I'm writing a story about George for my next book and would love to send it to him