Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fuse is Burning

First voice: Are you sure?

Second voice: Yeah. We're good. Let's do it.

First voice: I dunno, man, what if it's not the right time?

Third voice: Aw, c'mon, you guys! What are you waiting for?!? Just light the dang fuse and stand back!


After several months of online silence, while all manner of technical glitches mightily interfered (thanks for the help, Bro. Maynard), robbymac is back!

Here at the new blog address (don't forget to update!), with some of the "classic" articles and posts to be found in the links to the right, blogging can now continue. Look for some updates on what's been happening with the Clan McAlpine in Tijuana soon.

So let's just dive in, shall we?

In recent weeks of wandering about greater blogdom and catching up, I notice that Sir Brian of McLaren has written yet another book: A New Kind of Christianity. Turns out that it's a classic case of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • the GOOD: Brian has finally (begun to) come clean with what he really believes
  • -- the trajectory has been getting clearer over the past five or six years, but it's nice to have the smoke begin to clear
  • the BAD: it's not historic, orthodox Christianity
  • -- not that this constituted shock and surprise for many of us, but it's good to finally have it all on the table
  • the UGLY: some of the heresy-hunters were right, after all
  • -- not in their attitudes (bad), tactics (sleazy), or factual research (shoddy at best, GBA at worst), but isn't it kinda ironic that, flaws and all, they called it?
In a funny way, it's kind of "permission-giving". People who have been growing increasingly restless and uncomfortable with the trajectory of Emergent™ in general, can now move on and create new things that aren't tethered (by reputation and/or association) to what the "Big Three" (McLaren, Pagitt & Jones) are pushing.

Without having to defend or explain things that are increasingly divergent from what they believe and consider important.

And without fearing the reprisals of other bloggers; of being put on the dreaded "out" list of those who dare to question the emerging status quo.

To enjoy the freedom to continue exploring ways to be Biblically faithful and culturally engaged.

And that's a good thing. Let the journey continue.