Saturday, June 5, 2010

¡Una Semana Más!

Yes, it's true: in just one week, the Discipleship Training School (or Escuela de Discipulado y Entrenamiento) begins! And I'm very excited about the speakers we've got coming for this DTS, as well as the DTS team that has gathered to serve the students. The team (pictured below) is made up of people who are:
  1. Mexican,
  2. married to a Mexican,
  3. engaged to a Mexican,
  4. and me.
But for the record, we have had entire DTS staff meetings only in Spanish, which has been challenging and fun for me, and an opportunity for the Mexican staff to yet again demonstrate their kindness and long-suffering as I muddle my way through.

By this time next week, most if not all of the students will have arrived from Mexico, Canada, the USA, Germany, Costa Rica, England, and Brazil. This next week will be insane as we pull all the normal last-minute things together, but we are excited about the imminent beginning of the DTS.