Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Modest Totally Rockin' Proposal

I think I just had an epiphany. A new, radical, high-yield, inoffensive, and stealthily strategic approach to evangelism and rock music!

For years, we've been warned about the dangers of satanic messages being inserted (backwards) in rock 'n' roll recordings. These backwards messages are responsible for leading untold thousands -- nay, perhaps millions -- into the devil's grip.

Like any Christian worth his salt, I am of course livid that people are being sucked into hell by such a sneaky and treacherous methodology, when suddenly it hit me:
What a great idea for evangelism! We can use the devil's tricks against him and expand the Kingdom of God instead!
Just think: we could pick one of the more popular and greedy rock stars (or rap, or whatever), and pay them a large sum of money to hide the Four Spiritual Laws (backwards, of course) on their next CD!

This would have such immediate benefits, I am amazed that no-one thought of it before. Now we don't have to rub shoulders with sinful people. We don't have to compromise our testimony by being around sinners. And the offense of the Cross is totally removed, because people will be evangelized through subliminal messages.

Just think of it: Thousands upon thousands -- nay, perhaps millions -- of people getting saved, born-again, and redeemed without even knowing it! How's that for taking the devil's schemes and using them for God's glory instead?!?

Whew -- the mind boggles. Y'all excuse me whilst I lay down and catch my breath for a moment...