Monday, September 6, 2010

Do we have the Holy Spirit, or does He have us?

I'm still reading through -- and highly enjoying and recommending -- Naturally Supernatural, by fellow Canadian Gary Best.

Here's an excerpt that really got me thinking today:
"Imagine I came to work for you, hired because of my international reputation as a chef. Perhaps our relationship works perfectly for some time -- we are both happy because I have a good work environment and you are eating better than you have for years.

"Then one day, you arrive home to discover two of the walls of your home are missing.

"When you run to me for an explanation, I respond, 'Didn't you know? I am not only a world-renowned culinary expert, I am a carpenter on the side -- I am renovating your home!'

"What would your response be? Other than calling the police, it may sound something like this, 'I'm sorry, but I invited you as a chef. I never asked you to renovate my home.'

"That is part of our problem with the Holy Spirit...

"Th(e) indwelling Spirit came upon (the early believers)... to propel them into mission." (emphasis added)
That's a great insight: that we often seek after the presence of the Holy Spirit to touch us, equip us, or in some way move in us, yet we don't want Him to do any renovations to our home heart.

And when I think of all the people I've known over the years who spend incredible amounts of time chasing "the anointing", I wonder if it's ever occurred to them that perhaps they aren't getting what they want because they only want it for themselves. A badge of honour. A symbol of acceptance by God. A reassurance of their "special-ness". An experience that aids them in finding their place on some imaginary "pecking order" of who's spiritual and who's not.

What if "the anointing" can only truly be experienced in acts of service?

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