Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall in Tijuana

The DTS is off on their outreach to Mexico City and points south, until the end of October. I am really proud of how well the young DTS staff team did, considering they had never down this before.

I am taking two weeks of "stress leave", due to burning myself out with the intensive schedule that running a DTS entails (when you're short-staffed and also doing on-the-job training with the staff you do have). But there's good news: I get to build houses again as part of my recovery.
I'm about mid-way through my de-caffeine-ation project, which means I've been mixing regular and decaf coffee beans as an intermediary step. By next Monday, however, I should be finished with that particular coffee bean concoction, and will explore the world of decaf coffee.

I have missed the Homes of Home component over this past year, to be honest. Planning and running a Discipleship Training School (DTS), without the presence of a usually-prerequisite administrative assistant, is really doing two jobs at the same time. During the DTS, we all had the opportunity to build a house as a team, which was great, but it also reminded me of how much I enjoy house-building, and how rewarding it is to serve the poor in this manner.
So, after taking it easy these past couple of weeks, I will be investing my weekends from now until at least the beginning of December in building houses in the colonias again.
I've been recovering fairly quickly, all things considered, although my case of shingles is still a (literal) pain. But even that is fading noticeably since I took some time off. I'm hopeful that I will be back to normal very soon.

Whatever "normal" means for me, anyway. :)

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