Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shift Happens

We're home in Canada. Which means we can no longer just hop into our car and zip down the road to our favorite taqueria (see above) for a proper quesadilla al pastor (pork) and a tasty taco de pescado (fish), washed down with a bottle of Manzanita (apple soda).

But with the discovery of a small international food store here in Kelowna, we can have some of our favourite flavours from Baja California Norte: mole (sauce made from chocolate, peanuts, and chilis), tajin (fruit & chilis seasoning), & Valentina Salsa Picante. Because -- perhaps not surprisingly -- after three years in Mexico, our taste buds have graduated from adjusting to enjoying to craving spicy food.

Don't get me wrong -- there are some things that I absolutely do NOT miss about living in Tijuana. I don't miss the long border waits (both ways) between Tijuana & San Diego, or the power outages whenever we had lots of rain and/or high winds. Nor some of the local vermin, be it tarantulas, niños de la tierra (potato bugs), and particularly the ill-tempered fellows pictured at right. (Discovery: chlorine bleach in a spray bottle renders them loopy enough to safely scoop into your toilet for baptismal rites.)

While I never had any personal run-ins with these guys,
I don't miss the adrenaline rush of having them careening past
in their heavily-armed convoys.

And adjusting back to Canadian winters mid-January has been a little slower than we expected. While we loved living in Winnipeg back in the day, we're really grateful we didn't drop ourselves into their -40C freezer. But DANG -- things like food, gasoline ($4.50 a gallon), and even going to the movies are freakin' expensive in Canada!
Goofy reality of returning: it does seem a wee bit odd to tell people that we've just returned from Tijuana, and having them respond with "You mean Ti-A-juana, right?", as if pronouncing the name of our city accurately had somehow escaped us for three years. :)

But when all is said and done, it's the people that made the difference for us, whether in Tijuana or now back here in Canada. And so even as we adjust to not being around our Mexican circle of friends, we are grateful for the welcome and embrace from friends of old in Canada.

And it will get warmer here, eventually. :)


  1. Glad you are adjusting.

    Should you need a taco fix--- the chicken tacos at earls are pretty freakin' close (a lot closer than tacohell and speed-taco... or whatever its called), and they use that hot sauce you love :)

    its not quite the same, but it might help :)


  2. We've also heard rumours that Rebecca T's fiance (chilango = from Mexico City) has found a decent local restaurant with good Mexican food. Once we find out what the place is called, let's all go there when you visit later this month! :)