Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Really In There?

Every now and then, I just sit down and start writing. If I stopped to think, "hey, what should I write about?", I would go completely blank, fingers frozen in mid-air, unable to continue. I would become instantly mired in a condition a friend of mine calls "thinking it to death".

Which, being translated, means I'd be indefinitely immobilized in the mental gridlock referred to as "writer's block".

Sometimes I start typing away, and all of a sudden -- seemingly completely out of nowhere -- I find my fingers flying furiously over the keyboard, as things that were in my heart and mind start to pour out. And within mere minutes, I've got another article or blog post in front of me.
And the funny thing is, it feels like "I have no idea where that came from".
And then, naturally, comes the refining, the polishing, and the rewarding task of selecting different words, adjectives, and/or parenthetical phrases to make it more interesting and enjoyable to read.

But if I didn't just "start typing", I would still be sitting frozen in my chair, fingers clenched into bird-like claws hovering over my laptop, "thinking it to death". When I could have been watching hockey.

Prayer can be like that. If I try to decide beforehand, "what should I pray about?", I can likewise run the danger of thinking it to death. And then prayer becomes forced and difficult -- which is still better than not praying at all, but really, is this the kind of prayer life I want?

Sometimes the best way to find out what's really in my heart and mind, what's really concerning me, and what's really burning in my soul -- is to simply begin to pour out my heart to God. And sometimes, I'll find myself talking to Jesus about things that I didn't even know were on my heart.

And, just like writing, I'll be surprised by the thought: "I have no idea where that came from". But it was there, all along.

Sure beats thinking it to death.


  1. That's awesome! I love that :) It happens that way for me too.
    The getting stuck part (for me) is usually about trying to be all SMRT in my writing. But truth be told, the best is usually raw and flowing out of conversation with Jesus.

  2. You, too, Deb? Why am I not surprised? :)

    Actually, this very post was created the same way.