Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebrate Being Wrong!

Every now and then, you get the wonderful opportunity to celebrate being wrong.

Being wrong usually includes the eating of some fresh-baked humble pie, slightly red-faced while perhaps kicking at the dirt with a "well, shucks..." demeanor.
But other times, it's actually a cause for rejoicing.

Last December, I suggested that -- as much as I love the city of Winnipeg, its culture, and its sports teams -- it was long past time for the Winnipeg Jets fans to let go of their dream of seeing the Jets return. After all, they'd left in 1996.

Let the record show:

I am (very happily) wrong. The Winnipeg Jets are back and will take to the ice this year, sporting their new logo and colours.

Some dreams, it appears, do rise from the ashes again.

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