Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Journey in Banners: 2003

There have been literally thousands of words displayed here since this blog began in 2003. Sentences, phrases, quotes, rants, ideas, thoughts, questions, queries, and prayer requests.

It’s an interesting trajectory to browse through all the different banners that have graced this blog over the past eight years. Each one tells a story of a year, of a season, and of a journey.

2003: the year everything began. The nickname “robbymac” had been given to me years earlier by an associate pastor who gave everyone nicknames. When it came time to choose an online moniker, it just seemed an obvious choice.

This first banner included my nickname, ‘colored’ with the tartan of the Clan McAlpine, with the backdrop being the iconic Eilean Donan castle in Scotland. I also snuck in the crux of a Celtic cross, and the words “Christ before me”, from St. Patrick’s Breastplate.

Gary Best, then National Director of Vineyard Canada, joking called me an ‘ecclesiastical anarchist’ at a Vineyard Regional Gathering of pastors in 2002. Somehow, I managed to work all of these themes into one blog banner. Ambitious in a symbolic way.

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