Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Journey in Banners: 2004-2005

The earlier, very ambitious banner art of my first year of blogging grew a bit more refined in 2004.

The Scottish castle remained a central image, as did the tartan-coloured ‘robbymac’ in a Celtic font. And while I kept the tongue-in-cheek “ecclesiastical anarchist” tagline, I was already quite grateful that I’d included the word “journey” in the byline, as it was becoming more clear that it was, not to over-use the phrase, a journey.

The banner continued on in usage throughout 2005 as well. I think I had settled more comfortably into the look and feel of the Celtic flavour of the banner, and still found the ‘anarchist’ tagline amusing enough that I kept using it.

Also in 2004, I accepted a position in a denominational head office in Toronto, which marked a radical shift from being a bass player in a Celtic rock band.

Let’s just say: it was a bad fit — I was fired about eight months into the job. I think, in retrospect, everyone involved breathed a sigh of relief, including me.

By mid-2005, we had moved back to British Columbia in anticipation of joining YWAM.

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