Friday, December 23, 2011

A Journey in Banners: 2007

Another iconic Scottish image appeared this year, although this time it was the famous Kilchurn Castle. In very small script on the bottom right is the word chrysalis, which referred to the process of people going from “post-charismatic” towards a more balanced, missionary-to-your-own-culture paradigm. A blogging friend suggested the phrase charis-missional, or “Spirit-led missional living”.

2007 was a year which saw a lot more creative writing and story-telling: I wrote a “Can o’ Worms” series on the book Exiles, complete with juicy pictures of worms in cans for each post. Fellow blogger Bill Kinnon almost disowned me due to his acute worm-phobia.

It was also the year that saw (A) several new posts find their way into Detoxing from Church series, (B) the debut of the Younger/Elder characters, and (C) Wormwood's Apprentices, one of my favourite posts of all time.

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