Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Journey in Banners: 2008

2008 saw many changes come to the Clan McAlpine. First of all, Post-Charismatic was published in book form on April Fool’s Day (believe it or not). God definitely has a sense of humor.

Second, glistening with poetic irony, the day before Post-Charismatic was released, Wendy and I were banned from our YWAM base because we wouldn’t endorse and promote a local self-proclaimed Apostle. Summed up briefly, his teachings encompassed pretty much everything I had just written against in my book. (Hence the irony.)

Third, our family had just returned from two months of outreach in Tijuana Mexico, and had loved it. So, when the local YWAM door slammed shut with a loud thud of finality, we packed up and moved to Tijuana for the next three years.

So, the change in banner makes sense, if you know the back-story. It really did feel like we were scouting out new territory. Moving our whole family into Tijuana at the height of the drug cartel and gang violence felt like new territory, at least to us.

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