Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Journey in Banners: 2009

The photo from the 2009 banner was taken in Tijuana Mexico by my wife, Wendy, looking towards the Pacific Ocean. The friends silhouetted against the sunset are some of our YWAM co-workers.

This was the view we had at suppertime each day; YWAM Tijuana had a large dining tent, but who could resist sitting outside on the picnic tables, where you could watch the sunset while sharing a meal with good friends?

Despite how the media tends to portray Tijuana — usually painting an image that there’s a drug cartel bristling with assault rifles on every corner — we loved the city, the food, the Mexican culture, and it was our privilege to serve the Mexican people. They were our co-workers, our neighbours, and our friends.

Building houses in Mexico, not to mention running Discipleship Training Schools, takes up a lot of time, week by week. This had a predictable impact on how often I blogged in 2009. (Which, being translated, means “not that often”.)

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