Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Journey in Banners: 2010-2011

2010: The banner came full circle, back to it’s Celtic roots, albeit much more subtly than in 2003. I also chose not to include the “ecclesiastical anarchist” tagline any more, for two reasons:
Reason #1: Having to repeatedly explain an inside joke means it’s not funny anymore.
Reason #2: It was confusing people. I’m not an anarchist; it was just a joke (see Reason #1).
Our work in YWAM kept us very busy in 2010, and that’s an understatement. Building houses for poor in the colonias, weekly street feeds in the red-light downtown part of Tijuana (Zona Norte), and leading back-to-back Discipleship Training Schools was hard work, but it was incredibly rewarding, even when it wasn’t easy.

2011 saw our family return to Canada, as the Mexican chapter of our journey came to a close. It also saw the end of the print run for Post-Charismatic, which was just as bittersweet as leaving Tijuana, but for different reasons.

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