Monday, May 14, 2012

Dreaded Update

Barely two months into this new blog, and already, I'm posting the dreaded blog update explaining the recent paucity of new posts.

What's unusual is that I have been writing. Full-time. Monday to Friday. 9:00 to 5:00. But the percentage of that writing time that is dedicated to the blog shifted somewhat over the past several weeks.

Because I am writing a new book. (Insert wild cheering, forehead-slapping groans, abject cringing, or whatever combination seems best to you.)

Here's the brief publishing update:
  1. I am in the midst of securing the legal author's rights to my first book, Post-Charismatic, from the original publisher. It's a somewhat complicated story about being under contract to one publishing company (in the UK), which was in turn bought out by a larger company (in the USA), which had different criteria about who they publish. The US company still published the book, to honour the original contract, but refused to release, advertise, or market the book to the American market. (Nothing personal, just following their established publishing policies.)

    Under the terms of my contract (with the UK publisher), my rights as the author would revert to me once the publication run ended. I've been badgering the American company for several months now to give me back the legal rights to Post-Charismatic, and there has been (finally) a promise that this will happen "soon", although I'm still waiting.

  2. To fulfill my original (UK) contact, I chose to expand my Detoxing from Church series into book form. This included writing additional material to make what had originally been a series of blog posts and articles, into one cohesive project. I'm pretty excited about how the final version turned out, and (since the American company recently released me from my contract -- verbally) am in the midst of exploring the best options for getting it published.
  3. Ever since Post-Charismatic was first published, I've wanted to follow it up with a book on what Jesus meant when He said, "The Kingdom is near." And I started reading and researching on the topic of the Kingdom of God, in anticipation of writing. Over the last four years, I've started writing on the Kingdom numerous times, but for whatever reason, couldn't seem to find my groove. And I knew better than to try to force it.

    But this spring, shortly after my decision to focus on writing in general, I've suddenly had that "a-ha!" moment of inspiration that has propelled me into the adventurous hard work of writing another book.
I'm really enjoying the writing process, and I'm already quite excited about how it's coming together. It will be some time before it's ready for publication, of course. This is just the first draft. But I'm hopeful -- all things considered -- that it will be ready later this fall.

And in the meantime, I promise not to neglect my blog. :)


  1. Promises, promises... I wish you all the best in navigating the legal part of publishing and that you will find a good fit for your book on the Kingdom. I'm working on getting a contract for my first book and I've heard SO many stories from friends who are published about the complications of contracts, etc. that my head spins when I think about it too much. :(

  2. Glad to hear, and great topic for your new book. I'm glad how I see more and more people focusing on the message that Jesus and His disciples also focused on. It has become a focus of my blog lately as well. My labels 'Reign of God' and 'Kingdom secrets' are slowly gaining focus.

  3. Yey brother, good move ;)
    I trust this second one will be a good read too.

  4. Elizabeth, do what I did: find anyone you know and trust who has been published, and get their input on any contract you are offered. I found that immensely helpful, although my situation is a little different in light of the parent company taking over. I'm a little lost in the shuffle, although my game plan is to follow the example given in Luke 18:1-8. :)

    Jonathan, I know the word "foundational" is virtually taboo these days, but really, the Kingdom of God is -- how can I say it? -- foundational. :)

    Diana, I will do my best, fully aware that you and your husband may kick my theological butt. Thanks yet again for your friendship. Much love to you and Nico-Dirk, and your beautiful children.