Monday, September 17, 2012

Segue & Salvation

(another Renaissance post)
"Can you believe this wind?" gasped the Younger, averting his face from the worst of the grit blowing into his eyes.

The Elder hesitated briefly, recalling his many years of seeing the seasons change. "No, actually," he finally admitted, keeping one hand firmly on his head to prevent his cap from joining the leaves swirling about them, "although it's possible I'm just weakening with age, and the wind feels more fierce than I remember."

"But if memory serves," he added a moment later, as his gaze fastened on their destination -- still several blocks ahead of them, "a good stiff breeze has always been a sign that summer is ending, and fall is just around the corner."

The Younger groaned. "And the first snow won't be long after that. I guess I'd better keep my eyes open for a new snow shovel." Squinting into the wind, his voice softened as a new thought came to him. "How do you suppose he's going to segue back into writing?"

The Elder guessed immediately what his young friend was referring to. "You mean, after announcing the release of a book project like Detoxing from Church? How does one jump back into the regular rhythm of writing for a blog?"

"Yeah, that's what I'm wondering," agreed the Younger, as the two quickened their steps as the welcome sight of the door to The Genesis Cafe drew closer. "What is it -- business as usual? Just jump back in?"

"I wouldn't worry, if I were you," smiled the Elder as he reached for the door with one hand, while keeping a firm grip on his cap with the other. "I predict he'll be inside, at his usual spot, writing as always."

And with that, the two friends slipped into the welcome stillness inside the café, returning the friendly wave of the Barista, as their eyes scanned the tables near the back. Glimpsing the figure seated alone near the rear exit, completely absorbed by the laptop before him, the Elder nudged the Younger and pointed.

"All is well," he chuckled, and they turned their full attention to the chalkboard list of drinks behind the Barista.

Often maligned by negative associations like "Brother, are you SAVED?", this is nonetheless the single most common word throughout the Bible to describe the active work of Jesus Christ.

The two most common Greek words in the New Testament that are translated as salvation or save(es)(ed) are:
  1. Soteria: "deliverance, preservation, safety, salvation"

  2. Sozo: "to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction"
Indeed, try to talk about Jesus, His death & resurrection, and coming to faith in Him without using the word "saved", or "salvation"... All the possible synonyms eventually lead back to the idea of being saved from something, and saved to something else.

There has been an incredible amount of discussion and debate about how salvation actually works (some of it helpful, other times not so much). And a single blog post could never do it justice.

But first things first: Jesus saves is a solid, concise statement regarding a very rich tapestry of Jesus' mission and work.

Yet to many people, this same phrase is deemed worthy of derision and bad puns.

To redeem this phrase from triteness and/or cynical stereotypes will take some work. That work will likely start with us, as we shake off an embarrassed fear of being lumped-in with zealots.

source: Wikipedia

Salvation is an important word. Too important to leave languishing on dusty theological shelves. If you'll pardon the theological pun, perhaps salvation needs redemption.

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