Monday, October 22, 2012

Political Interlude

I've usually avoided getting political on my blog. Writing about religious topics is usually quite enough to land one in hot water from time to time. Politics could only make it worse, right?

But as the ongoing political comedy unfolds just south of the True North Strong and Free, I couldn't resist sharing an appropriate song lyric from the insightful and delightfully subversive Steve Taylor, from his On The Fritz album. (Wendy and I saw him in concert several times and loved it.)

It's A Personal Thing

(The press conference)
It's a personal thing, and I find it odd
You would question my believing in a personal God
I'm devout, I'm sincere, ask my mother if you doubt it
I'm religious, but I'd rather not get radical about it
The old-time believers had timidity and grace
But this new generation doesn't know its place
You're entitled to believe, but the latest Gallup Poll
Says you mustn't interfere -- that's the government's role

(The nomination speech)
It's a personal thing, and I boldly state
That my views on morality will have to wait
'Til my personal life's out of the public eye
And the limitations statue can protect my alibi
I'm devout, I'm sincere, and I'm proud to say
That it's had exactly no effect on who I am today
I believe for the benefit for all mankind
In the total separation of church and mind

(the victory night)
It's a personal thing, and I plainly speak
(From the same code of ethics that I held last week)
As I promised if elected this election day
With the help of God Almighty, I'll do it my way


  1. It's in code, my former college roomie. It's in code.

  2. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I liked it there. I write about religion and politics all the time. I figure you are not a real writer until you've gotten some hate mail.

  3. Karen, if that's true, I may be over=qualified. :)