Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rejoice and Be Envious!

Can you rejoice with, and be envious of, the same person all at the same time? Usually, my gut reaction would be "no".

After watching videos of my son Caleb's new music, I can safely say that I am incredibly proud of him. I rejoice in his talent, and I rejoice in how he's using his incredible musical and songwriting abilities to express his faith.

And yes, in a moment (or several) of musical covetousness, I envy the level of skill and creativity Caleb has been gifted with. I'm a reasonably decent bass player, with some lesser ability at other instruments, but -- HOT DANG! -- can this guy play!

Perhaps some of my older musical comrades may recall our prayer together, many years ago, that God would take the next generation of artistic worshippers far beyond our own.

Well, guess what?

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