Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Artistic Intermission

The most recent draft of my latest writing project -- the Kingdom of God -- has been farmed out to an editorial review team, who are all lending their unique perspectives, insights, critiques, and suggestions to the manuscript even as we speak.

I am very passionate about the subject matter, excited with how the book is taking shape, and I'm chomping at the bit, just thinking of tackling the next draft once the editorial team finishes their work.

So, what does a writer do, during this creative limbo, this artistic interlude, this "down time"? This enforced -- albeit brief -- season of non-writing?

And the answer is: spend a week in the rafters of a renovation project, hanging drywall!

The job is ever so much more interesting when there's already pipes and (live) electrical in place bzzzt!!

Mobile work platform (aka scaffolding); it's nice when they warn you before they move you.

The view of terra firma.
Oh, be careful little feet where you step.

It was a great week of "and now for something completely different", and it was fun to work with two good friends. How am I filling my non-writing time this week, you ask? Why, helping to set up a new grocery store in town before its grand opening in a couple of weeks, of course!

God provides in many diverse and mysterious ways.