Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Jolly Ruckus

Yes, it's true. I never really get tired of the sights, sounds, vibe, and adventure which commences when a new band begins rehearsing:
  • hours sitting at the kitchen table, transposing multiple tablatures into new key signatures
  • learning a rather large pile of new songs (did I mention transposing into new key signatures?)
  • the admixture of new friends, musical styles, and direction
  • mounting pressure due to an impending debut (nine days!)
  • the fun, hilarity, and sense of satisfaction as it all begins to gel

The past couple of months have brought some very interesting additions to our lives here in the Okanagan Valley:
  1. On the financial front, God has opened up an opportunity for me to work at a local grocery store, which is a huge blessing in off-setting the gap between our support as missionaries and the cost of living. It's also yet another proof of God's sense of humour: my first job, while still in high school, was also at a grocery store.
  2. The afore-mentioned band came about as an invitation from an old friend, with whom I've had the pleasure of performing, recording, and touring with in years gone by. I'm always up for another opportunity to be more involved in the local artistic/musical community (beyond playing bass at numerous churches around town).

    When I was first emerging from my Detoxing from Church experiences, it was a tour with this band leader that was instrumental for me (pardon the musical pun). Again, one senses the benevolent hand of God somewhere in the mix.
  3. Speaking of the writing of books, the final draft of the latest manuscript has been completed, and there's probably about two or three days of polishing (study questions for each chapter, finalizing the cover artwork, etc.) remaining before the creation of the test proofs. If all goes well, look for The Genesis Cafe: Conversations on the Kingdom to be released in roughly a month or so!
But for today (and tonight, and numerous other evenings of passionately pressured rehearsals between now and January 19), I will be enjoying the lively progression of becoming a band. (Yeah, I know, twist my arm...)

our basement is a happy place

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