Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Meaning of Fish/Detox

Me exhaling my vocal chords @ The Meaning of Fish CD release party (1998)

When I first felt God was saying "go back and do the things you did at first", part of that picture seemed to be returning to my musical roots. And by "roots", I mean playing in a bar band. Sort of like being salt-and-light in a melodious and odious subculture of artists.

A poster on the wall of a local music store in Winnipeg led to a phone call, which led to an audition, which led to playing in a band with the curious name of The Meaning of Fish.

This coincided with our earliest days in the Detoxing from Church journey, and it provided me with (a) a therapeutic outlet, (b) an opportunity to meet many creative and colourful individuals, and (c) to discover (usually by tripping over) some interesting nuggets:
  • musicians live on a different internal clock than other people; "normal" things like inviting friends to church don't work very well
  • there is a definite subculture, camaraderie, and social network that flies under the radar to most other people
  • In Winnipeg -- and almost any other city, as I've learned in the years since -- there is a disproportionately large number of ex-church-goers playing in bar bands
  • a significant number of these ex-church-goers were once pastors and worship leaders, or their (now adult) children
  • everyone has a story; if you take the time to listen, it's amazing what you'll learn, and the impact you can have

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