Thursday, April 25, 2013


So, I've been thinking of getting a Doctoral Degree. Actually, it's been on my radar for the better part of a decade now. Specifically, I was thinking of the Doctor of Ministry degree, or the "D.Min" as it's called in the common tongue.

One attractive aspect of this degree is that it is only available to those who are in full-time ministry work of some kind. It's not a degree for theoreticians, but for practitioners. As someone who has consistently resisted the "ivory tower", that appealed to me.
(An Aside: Doing an image search for "d.min" yields some fascinating results.)

Recently, I have had a few people -- "out of the blue", as it were -- suggest that, as a writer, it would be beneficial for me to do a doctoral degree. The rationale from each of them was that a doctoral degree would lend added "legitimacy" to my written work. They are probably correct.

(Did I mention that googling "d.min" offers some interesting and unexpected findings?)

But then there's the 'real life' aspect: in order to supplement our income as missionaries, I've had to take a job at a local grocery store. (Ironic aside: before I felt called to Bible college, I was an assistant manager in a small grocery store.) It's full-time: 40 hours per week. Everything else -- family, friends, church, writing, music, serving the poor in some capacity -- has to fit around the demands of my work schedule.

That's normal for most people. Welcome to life in Canada. But it also effectively prevents me from pursuing a doctorate.

Legal Disclaimer:
NOT my actual place of employment
And when I have my head in the bottom of a dairy cooler, scraping out the congealed milk that has leaked out of less-than-perfect containers, two thoughts regularly occur to me:
  1. While not as disgusting as 45 pounds of maggots, this qualifies, in my mind, as learning how to practice the presence of God in an unglamorous, non-ministry setting
  2. Does a job like this actually give me more "street cred" as an author, rather than becoming "Dr. Robby"?

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